BE the CAUSE Campaign


Make a strategic investment in your Chapter: BE the CAUSE!


As a fundraiser, you know the importance of your base financially supporting the mission of your nonprofit.  The same is true for both our chapter and the AFP Foundation.  Your gift to the BE the CAUSE campaign is an investment in yourself, in fundraisers both today and in the future, and in the development of our profession.


Why Give? 

  • This year we have a chance to get more of the money raised coming back to our chapter.  Our chapter can get 35% of all funds raised up to $1,500 and 100% of all funds raised over $1,500. 

    Monies that our chapter gets back will be used for membership retention and recruitment, which will include maintaining and providing additional benefits for you - our members. 
  • As a donor to our chapter, you are supporting causes that you value that can transform our society and make you more effective and efficient in your career - ethical and effective fundraising, education, training, formal and informal mentoring, and networking.
  • You, as a chapter member, benefit from funds supporting the AFP Foundation:
    • Each year one member of our chapter gets a scholarship to cover the registration fee for attending the AFP Conference, a value of $799.
    • We can nominate a chapter member for a diversity scholarship to the AFP conference.
    • The Foundation supports your training and professional development - both in fundraising and leadership (e.g. Leadership Academy, AFP Conference), articles, etc.
    • Research is funded that increases your knowledge of fundraising, philanthropy, and social innovation, including the Growth in Giving Initiative - so you can be more effective. 


2018 Contributors

Ruby Ambassadors Club

C. Vernon Synder, ACFRE

Sapphire Ambassadors Club

Sandra Migani-Wall, PHD

Friends of the Foundation

Rober Ampthor, CFRE
Allie Berns
Renee M.Canfield
Nina Corder
Danielle Davis, CGA
Dasa Ann Dzierwa
Elizabeth A. Emmert
Nancy Hamilton, CFRE
Mark Hill
Nicholas Kulik, CFRE
Lisa Lawson
John D. Lechman, CFRE
Erin McPartland
Shelly Orenstein
Sarah Otis
Luke Reed
Ann Savage, JD,MA,BA
Corinne Sheppard
Jacquie Skrzypiec
Heather Slough

2017 Contributors

Ruby Ambassadors Club

E. Ann Savage, JD, MA, BA
C. Vernon Snyder, ACFRE
Heather A Stombaugh, CFRE

Sapphire Ambassadors Club

Kenneth C. Frisch, ACFRE
Sandra Migani Wall, PhD
Ann Riddle

Friends of the Foundation

Tolani Afolabi, MA
Robert Ampthor, CFRE
Allie Berns
Renee M Canfield
Condessa Croninger
Dasa Ann Dzierwa
Andria Dorsten Ebert
Elizabeth A. Emmert
Jodi Farschman
Elaine Jansen, MS
Kim M. Koesters
John D Lechman, CFRE
John McCarty
Erin Obryan
Shelly Orenstein
Gina Ritzman
Corinne Sheppard
Heather Slough
Jennie Smith, CFRE
Ashleigh Sonnenberg, BA
Michael Whalen, CFRE






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